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Experiencing a water damage disaster at home is nothing short of frustrating and emotional, but when your business goes down it can be detrimental to your bottom line. At ESR we are well aware that you want to have minimal interruption to your business as possible when any work needs to be performed. Our goal on any water loss is to be on-site within the hour to assess your loss, extract any standing water and set our drying equipment to avoid any destructive repairs. If the source of your water damage was a clean water source and we can begin the drying process within 48 hours to avoid mold growth we can minimize any repairs once the structure is dry. If you have experienced a water loss, it is crucial to start the drying process so please call now. If you are a business owner who is experiencing flat roof leaks, ESR has a solution for you. Our 50 year cool roof coatings have saved building owners tens of thousands of dollars; they cost HALF the price as a re-roof, do not require a tear off to avoid an interruption in business, save up to 30% on cooling bills due to its reflective white surface and can be written off as a tax deduction as maintenance. If you are experiencing a flat or metal roof leak please call us today for a free estimate on a cool roof coating.

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