Business to Business Partnerships

Disaster Hero Tulsa Service

ESR teams up with several local businesses in several industries to aid one another in times of need.  When a water pipe breaks, a homeowners first call may be to the plumber to fix the source of the water leak. Once that plumber is on site and notices their clients need for a restoration contractor to dry out the home upon completion we want to help. If a roofing contractor arrives to a home with a damaged roof allowing water intrusion we want to help them dry the structure out so they can roof the home without any fears mold may get someone sick down the road.  If a realtor has a home on the market or about to place an offer on a new home for a client we want to provide them with a free roof report to know whether or not to negotiate the costs of repair in the contract.  Home inspectors may find severe mold in a home and refer the mold remediation project, we want that referral. There are many people and many businesses that have daily interactions with homeowners who may encounter a client with a need we can fulfill. We want that business. In an effort to motivate businesses to reach out to us in times of need we have a referral rewards program that many people have come to appreciate. If you can send us a water damage referral you can earn up to $250 dollars.

Our Process

Do you have Storm Damage or Water Damage? Then you need a Disaster Hero!