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No one ever expects for a disaster to strike their home, but it happens far more often than people realize. When calamity comes, you’ll want to have a professional disaster restoration Tulsa team on call that is ready to come to the scene right away and start taking care of the issue. Our disaster restoration Tulsa team prides ourselves on being the best disaster restoration Tulsa team in the business. Our team is comprised of specialists in every disaster restoration field, meaning that our team is capable of handling even the most complex disaster situations. Here are just a few of the different areas where our disaster restoration Tulsa team is able to offer assistance:

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Water damage.


Water damage can come from any number of sources. A damaged Tulsa HVAC repair can be the cause. Some of the most common culprits are appliances gone haywire, poorly taken care of roofs, and busted plumbing pipes. The tricky thing about water damage is, is that it can often be very difficult to spot until it has had time to escalate into a more serious issue. Some indicators are strange smells, dark-colored spots on your walls and ceilings, and warped areas on your walls or ceilings. Even if your home already has some of these indicators, it’s not too late! Our disaster restoration Tulsa team specializes in water damage restoration and removal. What this means is that we can treat the problem area and make it look as good as new. If you disaster requires Tulsa plumbers our team is equipped and qualified. Our disaster restoration Tulsa team is one of the best in the business, and even though experiencing disasters isn’t a fun experience, we know that you’ll have a great time working with our professional team!


Fire and smoke damage.


Of all the disasters that you can face, fire and smoke damage are two of the most difficult to properly take care of on your own. Fire damage can ruin walls, ceilings, and wood finishing, leaving everything charred and unappealing. And in addition to all of this, the smell of smoke will permeate the building, and if not taken care of the correct way, will linger for years to come. When you face fire and smoke damage, it’s time to call in the big guns. Our disaster restoration Tulsa team has the training and expertise required for completely and thoroughly restoring a home from fire and smoke damage.  We can remove the damage and replace it in such a way that you won’t even be able to tell that damage took place in the first place. For the smoke, we will bring in our professional industrial grade equipment that will get rid of the smell like nothing else will. Call our disaster restoration Tulsa team if you or a loved one is ever facing a fire and smoke disaster!


Roofing replacement and repair.


Whatever the source of the damage to your roof might be, whether it’s weather-related, fire-related, or critter-related, our highly qualified team knows how to get it repaired or replaced. A damaged roof can be a gateway for a plethora of other problems to take place in your home. Holes in your roof allow for water damage, mold build-up, infestation from unwanted pests, and increased energy bills as your home or business loses its ability to retain warm or cool air. The quality and condition of your roof should be a top priority (pun intended.) The sooner that you take care of it, the better. When a disaster strikes, every second makes a difference. We pride ourselves in having an incredibly fast response time. When you call us, we will rush to the scene, and our disaster restoration Tulsa experts will start using their expertise to get your roof into immaculate condition. Even if your roof needs to be completely replaced due to the damage that it has suffered, we are ready and willing to do the work and do it better than anyone else you can find in Tulsa.  In addition to taking care of all types of conventional residential roofs, we are also able to do cool roof coatings for flat roofs! We’re the disaster restoration Tulsa team for the job!


We can handle the detailed work.


In addition to the other services that we provide, we’re also able to do full turn-key rebuilds. Start to finish, our team is able to do whatever it takes to get your home or business back into working order. When your home or business suffers from severe water damage, one of the first places that it’s going to be impacted is the flooring. Our disaster restoration Tulsa team can remove the damaged flooring and any other damage associated with it, and replace your floors with new materials. When we restore, our goal is always to make the home or business look even better than it did before! Siding, windows, and gutters, can all take a serious beating when a storm comes to town. Their exposure to the elements makes them susceptible to all kinds of potential damage. Our disaster restoration Tulsa team is ready to replace any of these that have suffered damage of any form, and get them replaced with the materials of your choice. After all of the major items have been restored and replaced, there are still a few things that need to be handled. Our disaster restoration Tulsa team will handle any Tulsa kitchen remodel carpentry, painting, and cleaning, that still needs to be done. When it comes to ESR Disaster Hero, we are truly a one-stop shop. Our diverse team of experts from various fields is perfect for making sure that the work that you receive from us in every area is of the highest possible quality. The combination of so many experts means that our knowledge base spans a far larger area than what you might find in a specialist that works in only one area. When you work with our disaster restoration Tulsa team, you’re getting decades of experience!


Whatever disaster situation might come your way, you can know that you’re in good hands when you choose to work with our disaster restoration Tulsa team. If you have any questions or concerns about the services that we provide, you are more than welcome to reach out to us! Remember to keep our contact info handy for yourself or for a family member or friend that might need assistance.


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