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Tulsa Roofing Repair Service

Once a homeowner experiences a disaster such as a tree falling on their home, a hail storm potentially damaging their roof, a busted water pipe flooding their kitchen or a sewage back-up that needs immediate attention ESR would love to be their hero, as well as yours. As you know, sometimes a homeowners first frantic phone call is to their agents office asking what to do. Teaming up with ESR can help retain your clients by having your insured contact us 24/7 to conduct a free inspection PRIOR to filing a claim. Our goal is to eliminate zero pay claims that could potentially affect their future rates and stop your client from shopping for a new policy should they be penalized for a making a claim without damage that surpassed their deductible.  We will inspect the property within one hour of contact to assess the extent of their damage and discuss their options with them based on the cost of repair versus their deductible. More often times than not the damage is easily repaired and an insurance claim does not need to be filed. However, if there is significant water damage in the home ESR can mitigate further damages and begin the drying process to avoid the growth of mold. We pride ourselves on the ability to sit down with each client to thoroughly explain the damages that have been incurred, options in regards to possible solutions and walk each client through the insurance claim process, educate them on the materials being used and guide them through an otherwise frustrating experience with the patience and respect they deserve.