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What to Do When a Natural Disaster Strikes

Unfortunately, most of nature’s disasters strike without warning. Avoid unnecessary problems by productively setting a plan in place so that you know exactly what to do, who to contact, and when to contact a Tulsa restoration service in case of emergency. Tulsa disaster restoration company Disaster Hero is prepared to assist you with any restoration services you may need after experiencing a natural disaster.  


An earthquake is the shaking, rolling or shock of the earth’s surface. Earthquakes can be felt over large areas, and will typically last less than one minute. A Tulsa disaster restoration service company can address damages to your home after an earthquake.

What to Do

After an earthquake, you may experience aftershocks. These vibrations are smaller but still capable of causing significant damage.  Once the event is over, open doors and cabinets carefully. When it’s time for cleanup, be sure to wear long pants, long sleeves, and close-toed shoes for protection.  A Tulsa disaster restoration service company can assess the damage and help with cleanup after an earthquake.


A Tornado is an extremely violent storm. It can emerge from powerful thunderstorms often times during the changing of seasons. A tornado looks like a funnel or cone-shaped cloud. It will include fierce winds that may reach up to 300 miles per hour. T

Tornadoes cause extensive damage when they come into contact with anything on the ground. A Tulsa disaster restoration company can assist with damages caused by a tornado.

What to Do

After a tornado hits, put on sturdy shoes or boots before leaving your shelter area. There will probably be broken glass and loose buildings materials on the ground that could cause injury.  Stay clear of dangling or loose power lines because of the possibility of electrocution. A Tulsa disaster restoration company can help you recover from the devastating damages caused by a tornado.


Flooding occurs due to many reasons. It is the most commonly experienced natural disaster. Flooding may be as little as a few inches of water or as extreme as several feet. A Tulsa disaster restoration team can help you recover from a flood.

What to Do

Avoid floodwater because it might contain harmful substances.  Rushing water can knock you off your feet so keep an eye out for moving currents.  Contact a Tulsa disaster restoration team to help you correct damages after a flood.

With any of these events, be mindful of emergency workers there to help.  Allow your local Tulsa disaster restoration team the space and time that they need to do their job easily.

Communication During a Natural Disaster

When communicating with members of your household, it’s best to text them rather than calling them if possible.  It will usually be more convenient to send a quick text, and by doing this you can avoid tying up emergency phone lines.

Exit Plan

You never know what state your home will be in when hit by a natural disaster.  Set up a simple fire escape plan that has at least a couple of ways to exit every room.  It is best to practice this twice a year.  Select an accessible meeting spot near your home, to proceed to upon exiting.  If you aren’t able to go home, then know where to wait outside of your neighborhood. a spot outside of your neighborhood in case you can’t get home. 

To find out more about Tulsa disaster restoration services, click here to visit the Tulsa Disaster Hero website.

Tulsa Disaster Restoration

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