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Tulsa Mold Remediation

Mold remediation is needed when an area is infected with mold and/or mildew. This is common after a flood or other water damage, but can also occur in a home that hasn’t been exposed to water damage. If mold is left unattended, it can result in serious health risks for you and everyone else who spends time in the affected area. Contact the Disaster Hero for mold remediation and water restoration services in your home or business.

Mold Clean Up

If your home has experience series flooding, leaking or busted pipes you need the Disaster Hero to come to the rescue.  Our team has been trained in properly removing mold and doing the dryout and clean up to insure that you and your family is protected from mold spores.


Structural Drying

Structural drying is the process of removing excess moisture from wet materials that make up a structure. This means removing trapped moisture from building materials such as drywall, dimensional lumber, concrete, etc. This is done to ensure that your home or business dries out to a high enough standard so that you can get back into the building as quickly as possible. We are your go-to water restoration business.


Tulsa mold remediation Service

Water Damage

Statistically; 1 in 53 homes in Tulsa County will be burdened with a water damage insurance claim each year causing over 38 million dollars in damages. These water damage disasters are commonly caused by broken water pipes, failing dishwashers that flood the kitchen, hot water tank failures, bathtub overflows and sewer pipe back-ups that are especially frightful. No matter the cause or source of water damage; its crucial to start the water restoration process within 48 hours. After 48 hours, mold spores will begin to grow and become airborne which can begin to affect the health of your family or co-workers. If you have experienced a water damage disaster or your home is currently flooded, call ESR now at (918) 844-HELP. Our IICRC trained and certified water damage and water restoration technicians will rush over to begin mitigation to avoid additional damage, remove any contaminated materials from the home and treat your home accordingly prior to repairs and water restoration.

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Emergency flood water damage restoration requires urgency and skill.

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Water damage restoration and emergency storm restoration assistance requires urgency and skill. Trained and certified to the highest standards in the industry, our IICRC certified expert home technicians will be on-site within 45 minutes around the clock ready to mitigate your water or roofing loss with professionalism, reliability, compassion and respect.
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