Tulsa Roof Replacement

Tulsa Roof Replacement

Tulsa Roof Replacement


Replacing roofs in Tulsa is one of our specialties.  Typically, most roofs at one point will need some type of repair or replacement because of various storms we have in the Tulsa area such as hail, strong winds, and even tornadoes.  Tulsa roof replacement is what we do best along with replacing roofs and installing brand new roofs for new construction.  If you have experienced some roof damage and your house is currently leaking or if you just want a professional roofer to come and see if there is any damage after a severe storm, call ESR now at (918) 844-HELP. Our specialized roofers for the Tulsa area will visit your property to give you a free estimate if there is any such repair needed.  We desire to be your Tulsa roof replacement team.  Call now!


tulsa roof replacement

tulsa roof replacement


Six Common Roof Replacements that is in Tulsa


Gathering Water: a roof in Tulsa will not perform to its highest effectiveness when water accumulates on its surface.  Gathering or pounding water can be caused by a poor roof design or subsequent roof breakdowns over a period of time.  If puddling water is occurring, please call ESR now at (918) 844-HELP now – this may be a serious issue and it will have to be identified prior to any repair efforts.  It is possible that there is an HVQC unit that is leaking or there is a gutter or some type of drain that is clogged.  For our Tulsa roof replacement, we will perform a thorough investigation to verify to root cause of the puddling water before performing any type of roof replacement.  We desire to be your Tulsa roof replacement team.  Call now!


Roof Leaks: Tulsa roof replacement experts enjoy fixing roof leaks, because we know that remedying the roof leak will bring joy to you if this would ever occur in your Tulsa area home.  Roof leaks occur for a variety of reasons.  Flashing is typically a common cause of roof leaks that needs repairing if it is not properly installed.  Built-up roofs are inclined to leak if the flashing is not installed correctly, because moisture can infiltrate the roof and subsequently the house as a result of insufficient head and backward laps.  In addition, leaks and/or blisters have the potential to cause a complete roof failure if not properly fixed.  Lastly, it is possible that seams have to be fixed or addressed.  The seams might have to be replaced or fixed by using a heat weld or a gluing technique to prevent moisture exposure. Our Tulsa roof replacement experts can come quickly to identify the problem.


Roof Punctures: Tulsa roofs that have a spray polyurethane or single-ply roof system should have it checked every couple of years. Tulsa roof replacement experts will gladly inspect these types of roofs because punctures in these types of roof systems are detrimental and will need to be fixed or replaced.  The best approach to fixing punctures is not only to perform a Tulsa roof replacement but to apply additional walkway paths to prevent punctures from forming in the future. Adding various layers of sacrificial layers of the membrane can also help in the roof repair efforts to prevent subsequent or additional punctures.  We desire to be your Tulsa roof replacement team.  Call now… (918) 844-HELP.


Roof Shrinkage: Roof shrinkage is a common problem in regions such as the Tulsa area.  Because of the extreme heat and sometimes extreme cold temperatures expands and contrasts EPDM roof systems.  Furthermore, because of extreme temperature changes during the spring and fall seasons causes vulnerability with EPDM roof systems.  Tulsa roof replacement experts can view potential shrinkage of the field membrane which can cause a pulling of the flashings.  In addition, it is possible for determination to occur along the membrane.  Each roof is unique.  For peace-of-mind, have Tulsa roof replacement experts come to view your roof.  We desire to be your Tulsa roof replacement team.  Call now!


Missing Shingles: Blow-offs or missing shingles can occur when seams and flaps open due to incorrect or poorly connected flashing.  This is another reason in which properly installed flashing is of the utmost importance.  Tulsa roof replacement experts may identify various underlying issues such as too few fasteners positioned within the base sheet, or it is possible that the gravel embedding was not installed properly in the first place.  If blow-offs occur, the installed roof’s wind uplift resistance must be increased; this can be changed via a roof repair, upgrades or possibly a roof replacement. Our Tulsa roof repair professionals can assist you by determining which of these options is best for your particular roof system. One easy way to increase the roof’s wind uplift resistance system is to provide the seams with adequate and efficient time to properly cure. Seams on roofs systems that use cold adhesives tend to have poor integrity until the adhesive completely cures. Seams that are subjected to heavy rains and/or high winds prior to being fully cured will be vulnerable for wind uplift that replacements the many membranes of the roof system.  Such seams can also permit moisture infiltration as well.  Our Tulsa roof replacement experts can come quickly to identify the problem.  Call now!


Blistering: Tulsa roof replacement professionals can identify and remedy blistering, splitting and surface erosion.  These significant issues may not have to be fixed right away, but if the blistering or splitting is large enough, it must be fixed immediately. Blisters form as a result of poorly installed interplay, accelerated aging, or dry laps.  Tulsa roof replacement professionals are trained to identify and fix blistering, splitting, and surface erosion.  Call Tulsa roof replacement today and receive ESR’s best trained roofing experts on your roof in as little as one day.  We desire to be your Tulsa roof replacement team.  Call now!


Repairing roofs is what Tulsa roof replacement professionals desire to complete on your behalf.  Repairing roofs in the Tulsa area has been going on for over ten years, and we want to bring our experience and professionalism to Tulsa roof replacement.  We desire to be your Tulsa roof repair team.  Call now!

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