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Water Damage in Broken Arrow

Water Damage in Broken Arrow | ESR Disaster Hero

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Reliable Methods to Accurately Detect Water Damage 

Listed below, you’ll discover several different methods to spot water damage in Broken Arrow. 

Check Your Floor

It doesn’t matter what material you use for the flooring of your house or business office, you should be able to clearly detect the visible signs of water damage. When it comes to wood or tile, be on the lookout for cracks and warping or buckling. If you have carpet, an obvious sign of water damage is a damp spots.  More subtle water damage signs to carpet are gradual rises and dips, areas that feel significantly softer than others, or a lingering smell of mildew that could be coming from mold.

Track Down Rust and Mold

If you notice any kind of discoloration in the nooks and crannies of your home, you might have discovered a visible sign of active mold growth. Mold growth happens when moisture connects with microscopic mold spores. But don’t depend solely on your sight. Stagnate water will produce a musty smell, which is a red flag that mold and bacteria might be growing.

Take a regular look at your water heater and inspect it for rust.  Rust can collect on the outside of the tank or around it on the floor. Further, a rusted tank might also be a warning sign of a leak. Similarly, corrosion around pipes is often caused by water seepage. When in doubt, reach out to someone who specializes in water damage in Broken Arrow.  Click here to contact water damage specialists in Broken Arrow.

Investigate Stains

When you spot an unsightly stain on your flooring, ceiling, or wall, you might just have a water damage problem. A wall stain may indicate a broken or leaking pipe or drain. This is often paired with cracks in drywall, or multiple areas that give slightly when pressed or appear swollen. Don’t ignore peeling pain as this could be another signal of water leaking behind the wall.

Get Outside

The exterior walls of your home or business are great indicators of the building’s health, or the level of water damage it has sustained. For example,  a pool of standing water is a sign of potential water damage.  When you notice this, address and correct problems like poor drainage in the yard or gutter spouts that don’t correctly transport water away enough from the building. If not corrected, then the foundation of your building is will be compromised.

Owning a house or business office is an incredibly large investment. Responsible building owners do their best to avoid water damage in Broken Arrow, but sometimes it can be unavoidable. In order to best protect your assets, you should be on the look out for home and business office water damage in Broken Arrow. It is best to address these problems before they get any worse.

When water damage in Broken Arrow is left alone, residual water damage can be detrimental to the integrity of the structure.  Water damage in Broken Arrow left unattended can create additional complications, such as mold which is a potential health risk.

Water Damage in Broken Arrow

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