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Water damage restoration tulsa

Water damage to your home can be devastating. It can strike when you least expect it and leave you and your loved ones with a huge mess. If not taken care of properly, the damage will only grow worse over time. Many people are unaware of dangerous and symptoms of water damage. Our water damage restoration Tulsa team is equipped with the knowledge and know-how for taking care of all kinds of water damage. We’re prepared, 24 seven, to start restoring your property from the effects of water damage. We want you to be prepared, so here are our tips for avoiding water damage in your home:

1 – Keep an eye on your water bill.

One of the most effective ways to make sure that you are not sustaining water damage is by keeping an eye on your water bill. You should be fairly familiar with what you’re paying each month. If there is ever a large spike on your water bill, that should be a red flag for you that something could be wrong. As best as you’re able, you should inspect the plumbing in your home and look for signs that water is leaking somewhere. Some of the signs could be brown spots on your walls or ceiling, large bubbles or warped shapes in your walls or ceiling or excessive buildup of water under bathroom or kitchen sinks. By keeping a steady look out for these things, you’ll hopefully be able to catch the issue before it has time to escalate into something more serious. Should your home be damaged, our water damage restoration Tulsa team are able to quickly come to the scene and assist you with water removal, and restoration of the damaged area. Our highly trained team knows exactly what to look for, and we will be able to help you ensure that no escalating water damage will ensue from your situation.

2 – Inspect your water pressure.

Residential water systems are designed for specific levels of water pressure. You should inspect your water pressure on a regular basis to make sure that your water pressure is at a suitable level for your area. The pipes and plumbing in your home deteriorate over time, thus losing some of their strength. Excessive water pressure can do a great deal of damage to your plumbing, particularly if you live in an older home with outdated plumbing. We recommend that get a water pressure gauge, attach it to an outside faucet, turn the faucet on full blast, and then compare the PSI reading with what is recommended in your local area. If the readings are too high, you should take steps right away have the problem addressed and prevent burst pipes. If pipes do ever burst in your home causing water damage, our water damage restoration Tulsa team can help you get the situation taken care of.  Our water damage restoration Tulsa professionals can help you have peace of mind that your home won’t suffer more water damage.

3 – Invest in water detection devices.

One of the main problems with water leaks is that they can often go unnoticed until the damage has built up to a visible level or you’re able to smell mold. Water detection devices are great because they let you know when moisture is occurring, even at smaller levels. What this means is that you will be able to find, diagnose, and address the problem before it has the time to develop into something worse. These small electronic devices work best when they are placed near the most likely problem areas like dishwashers, washing machines, and toilets. Our water damage restoration Tulsa team wants you to have all the tools you could possibly need for preventing water damage to your home!

4 – Inspect and upgrade your washing machine hoses.

Our water damage restoration Tulsa team has seen it all. We know that washing machines can be a serious problem area when it comes to water damage. The fix is quick and easy, but the damage can be expensive and messy. We recommend replacing old and brittle hoses for new and reliable ones that have a longer lifespan. Our water damage restoration Tulsa experts can take a look at your hoses while they’re on site to help you determine the quality of your hoses, and decide whether or not they warrant being replaced. Our water damage restoration Tulsa team comes prepared to answer your questions!

5 – Investigate potential leaks as soon as possible.

When it comes to water damage and your home, the sooner you locate the problem the better. Neglecting to deal with a water damage problem in a timely manner will result in more damage, more expenses, and more headaches for you. While insurance often covers sudden and accidental incidents, they might not always cover problems related to negligence. Our water damage restoration Tulsa team can help you maintain a strong and leak-free home.

6 – Use your water main.

Should you ever travel for an extended period of time leaving your home unattended, turning off your water main can be a great idea for preventing water damage. In theory, when your water main is turned off, no water should be able to make its way into your home, thus preventing any kind of leaks from forming. Our water damage restoration Tulsa team highly recommends this to someone living alone with a job that has them traveling a great deal.

7 –  Maintain your gutters.

Gutters are important because they safely guide all of the water that rains on your roof into safe and designated area where it won’t be able to cause any damage. When your gutters become clogged, chaos can ensue. Water will begin collecting in a large pool in the problem area on your roof. Roofs are made in such a way that as long as the water is rolling off of them, the roof won’t suffer any damage. Our water damage restoration Tulsa team knows first hand that when the water stands still, it is able to make its way through the shingles and into the ceiling where it can ruin insulation, breed mold, and cause wood rot.

We hope that these tips have been helpful! And should you ever face severe water damage,  our water damage restoration Tulsa team is available all around the clock to come and assist you in repairing the damage. If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to contact us!


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