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Water Damage Repair Tulsa OK | ESR Disaster Hero

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There’s no denying it. Water damage to your home can be a big pain to clean up. That’s where we come in. Our water damage Tulsa OK team is highly trained, certified, and ready to tackle any kind of water damage situation. All of our technicians have the kind of training and skill needed for getting your water damage situation completely turned around. Our water damage Tulsa OK team has years of experience dealing with water damage restoration and clean up. And with all this experience comes tons of knowledge that could be useful to you as you are taking care of your home. Whether or not you have water damage, these tips are bound to come in helpful at one point or another:

water damage tulsa OK

Control Indoor Moisture.

When it comes to water damage, the moisture level in your home can be a major factor. When there is an abundance of moisture, mold will have the perfect place to grow and multiply. The worst infestations of mold usually take place in dark and damp crawl spaces under homes, in ceiling insulation where water has made its way through the roof, in walls that have been damaged, and in garages or basements with poor drainage systems in place. When mold strikes, it is most likely to strike in one of these places. The problem with mold, however, is that you often don’t know that it’s a problem until it’s a fairly widespread problem. You can avoid major mold infestations by routinely having mold inspections done. The professionals that conduct these inspections should be able to tell whether or not there are any mold hazards in your home that could be potentially detrimental to you or your loved ones. The sooner you find these things the better, so our water damage Tulsa OK team highly encourages having this done! Our water damage Tulsa OK team knows all about cleaning up a home that has mold and water damage. If you are looking for a great water damage Tulsa OK team, we’re the number one team for the job!

Bathroom Fan.

Bathrooms are prone to moisture buildup and water damage when they don’t have sufficient ventilation in place. If your bathroom is able to ventilate properly, every time you take a steamy bath or shower, steam and condensation are building up on your walls and ceiling. While it might not happen overnight, this could eventually lead to mold or structural problems in and around your bathroom that could be costly to fix. Our water damage Tulsa OK team encourages you to have a large and powerful bathroom fan that successfully clears out your bathroom while you’re in the bath or shower. If you aren’t able to do this, our water damage Tulsa OK team suggests leaving the door open and placing a small space fan near it while you’re in the bathroom. This should help disperse the unwanted moisture and keep it from building up in such an isolated area.

Humidity Sensors.

If you live in a state that is highly prone to humidity, then our water damage Tulsa OK team advises you invest in a good humidity sensor. These sensors will tell you whether or not your homes humidity levels are dangerously high or not. If your humidity is too high, your walls can start to rot or fill up with mold. You also might start to see mildew buildup on your home’s windows. While too much humidity is bad, too little humidity can also be a bad thing. A little humidity in the air in the winter can help keep your home nice and warm and reduce the amount of dust accumulation throughout your home. If you’re dealing with excess or too little humidity, our water damage Tulsa OK team encourages you to be a humidifier or dehumidifier based on your home’s needs. Buying of these in conjunction with a humidity sensor should give you some valuable tools for controlling how humid your house is. Our water damage Tulsa OK team can offer you more input on the subject if you have any questions.

Use a Squeegee.

Your shower and bathtubs can be hotbeds for mildew and mold growth. Even a small amount of standing water that is left for a few hours can start to breed unwanted contaminants. Our water damage Tulsa OK team recommends purchasing a squeegee. Using a simple squeegee will successfully get rid of almost all of the water buildup, thus decreasing the likelihood of unwanted growths.

Deal With Mold Immediately.

When it comes to protecting your home from mold, our water damage Tulsa OK team recommends always being on the lookout for surface molds. You can expect surface molds to grow in just above or around any highly moist location. Some likely locations are lines between ceramic tile in a shower. When you spot mold like this, you will want to make sure that you scrub it with detergent and liquid. After doing so, let the surface dry completely. You could also try using a bleach mixture. You will take the mixture and apply it to the contaminated area and then let it stand for around 10 minutes. Once time is up, you’ll just rinse off the area and let it dry again. There are also some solutions you can purchase in stores that can be successful at cleaning and removing mold. Our water damage Tulsa OK team encourages you to do your research on the solution you’re considering purchasing as it could potentially damage your surfaces or only provide a temporary solution.

We hope that these tips have been helpful and that you have learned a thing or two! And remember, if you’re ever dealing with a mold or water damage situation in your home or office, our team of professionals is more than ready to take on the job. Our water damage Tulsa OK team do the job with excellence every time!


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