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Water Damage Clean Up and Repair

Water damage restoration is an urgent need for any home or business  that has been affected by burst pipe, leaking faucet or damaged roof. If your home or business has been damaged, our 24/7 Disaster Hero team can be on site with-in 45 minutes to begin removing water and drying out your structure. This can help avoid any further damage and mitigate the loss of belongings. Water restoration is one of our focuses in the Tulsa area, and we will work hard to stop water damage in it’s tracks!

Water Damage Restoration

Statistically, one in 53 homes in Tulsa County will be burdened with a water damage insurance claim each year causing over 38 million dollars in damages. These water damage disasters are commonly caused by broken water pipes, failing dishwashers that flood the kitchen, hot water tank failures, bathtub overflows, and sewer pipe back-ups that are especially frightful.  No matter the cause or source of water damage, its crucial to start the water restoration process within 48 hours. Typically, after 48 hours, mold spores will begin to grow and become airborne, which can begin to affect the health of your family or co-workers. If you have experienced a water damage disaster or your home is currently flooded in Tulsa, call ESR now at (918) 844-HELP.  Our IICRC trained and certified water damage and water restoration technicians will rush over to begin mitigation to avoid additional damage, remove any contaminated materials from the home and treat your home accordingly prior to repairs and water restoration.