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Save your home or property from water damage

Tell us what’s happening

The first step is to contact us about your situation so we can determine the cause and scope of the damage and whether you need mitigation or restoration. We respond within 60 minutes, 24/7.

Our experts get to work

Once we understand the situation, we dispatch the right team of experienced professionals to your home or property. We quickly get to work on preventing further damage.

Enjoy peace of mind

We’ll be there with you every step of the way. From handling insurance to navigating further restorations, we’ll work until the job is done.

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Homeowners: Prevent more extreme damage

Left untreated, water damage can cause devastating consequences, including fire hazards, mold, and steep repair costs. Our experts can help you maintain the value of your home by repairing the damage as soon as possible.

Water Damage Services for Homeowners

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Property managers: Protect your investment

Untreated water damage can reduce your return on investment. We’ll help you handle the problem swiftly and with expert-level care so you can avoid further losses—or worse, compromise the health and safety of your tenants.

Water Damage Services for Property Managers

ESR Disaster Hero is here to help you

Prevent dangerous mold

Mold can spore in a water-damaged structure in under 24 hours. We will dispatch highly trained experts in less than 45 minutes to keep your family or tenants safe.

Protect the value of your home

Left untreated, water damage can quickly diminish the value of your home. We work quickly to mitigate any damage and save you thousands in future repairs.

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Keep people safe

We’ll help keep those living in your home or property safe. Water damage can lead to serious safety risks, including disease-carrying mold, fire hazards, and structural instability.