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ESR Disaster Hero is the Tulsa restoration company to turn to if you are in need of assistance after water or fire damage in your home.  In this article, we will be going over the basics of fire damage and the importance of enlisting the help of a professional.  It’s very important that you get help from a licensed and insured fire damage Tulsa restoration company, in order to lower the potential risk of further damage to your home or business property.

When a fire has broken out inside your home, the results can be devastating. 

You’re probably hoping to reverse the damage right away and get things back to normal.  The first thing to do before setting out to correct damages caused by the fire is to make sure that the environment you’ll be working in is safe.  The area must be completely rid of smoke so that your lungs are free from harm. If there’s you are unable to gain safe access into your home, then it’s best to stay outside until professionals arrive. Fire changes the chemical components in average household materials by burning them and releasing dangerous smoke into the air.  Smoke inhalation can cause extreme respiratory distress or in many cases, respiratory failure leading to death. One way to remove smoke is to open up all the windows and doors to circulate in some fresh air. Another way to accomplish a smoke-free atmosphere is to strategically place air purifiers throughout the home.  Air purifiers are effective in smoke removal and often times necessary.  If there is smoke in your home caused by fire, don’t hesitate to contact a Tulsa restoration company for help.  This is the best thing to do to ensure your safety.

Next, you will need to assess the area for structural damage. 

Fires that have grown out of control will typically reach temperatures of over 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.  This, in turn, can cause incredible damages to concrete, wood, and even framing made of steel.  Load bearing materials may end up suffering significant loss of strength through this process. However, there is good new!  Fire-damaged structures can often times be successfully repaired.  This would be the most cost-effective solution. The alternative option involves the demolition and replacement of damaged materials, or sometimes the reconstruction of entire buildings.  In the best case scenario, materials will be salvaged, repaired, and returned to their original state.  When checking your house for structural damage, it is important to avoid safety hazards at all costs. If you don’t feel confident or competent enough to do this, a Tulsa restoration company is available to come to you and begin the work towards restoring your home.  

tulsa restoration company

If your home has been damaged as the result of a fire, you should reach out to get help from a Tulsa restoration company.   They can evaluate the extent of damage while exercising the safety precautions necessary to avoid injury. Click here to view the ESR Disaster Hero’s website for more information.

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