Tulsa Water Damage Restoration

Tulsa Water Damage Restoration

Tulsa Water Damage Restoration

Statistically; 1 in 53 homes in Tulsa County will be burdened with a Tulsa water damage restoration insurance claim each year causing over 38 million dollars in damages. These Tulsa water damage disasters are commonly caused by cracked water pipes, inadequate dishwashers that flood the kitchen, hot water tank failures, bathtub runs offs and sewer pipe back-ups that are especially frightful. No matter the cause or source of water damage; it’s crucial to start the Tulsa water damage restoration process within 48 hours. After 48 hours, mold bacteria will begin to grow and become aerial which can begin to distress the health of your family or co-workers. If you have experienced a water damage catastrophe or your home is currently flooded, call ESR now at (918) 844-HELP. Our IICRC trained and specialized water damage and Tulsa water damage restoration technicians will rush over to begin easing to avoid additional damage, remove any contaminated materials from the home and treat your home accordingly prior to repairs and Tulsa water damage restoration.


Our team is ready to aid you with any and all of your Tulsa water damage; we are just a phone call away from getting your life back to usual! We are dedicated to serving you as speedily and competently as possible. Our team will work hard to reestablish your home or business to a safe, dry and odor-free environment as speedily as possible and offer an effective cure for any type of Tulsa Water Damage Restoration.


Consider Safety First

Before you can reinstate your home, you have to clean up the mess. As with any task, think safety first. The molds and bacteria present can be very unsafe. Anyone working in the area will want to wear personal protective gear (masks, gloves, footwear, etc.) to take care of Tulsa Water Damage Restoration.

Move Spoiled Items

Get those spoiled items out of the basement and out to the curb. While it can be demanding and even horrible work, removing soaked and damaged personal items is extremely time consuming. The Tulsa Water Damage Restoration professionals will do this for you.

Tulsa Water Damage Restoration Specialists can eliminate Water and Dry Out Your Basement

In some situations, the amount of water in a basement is just too great to remove yourself, and your Tulsa Water Damage Restoration professional will have to aid you in removing the water.

Clean and Sanitize

Once the Tulsa Water Damage Restoration specialists removed the water and spoiled contents (personal items and absorbent building materials like drywall, carpeting, padding, paneling, etc.), clean up the affected outstanding areas, floors and walls with a good antiseptic such as Pine Sol or Lysol and warm water. Once all is cleaned up, you can then sanitize everything a last time.

While it is still collective practice to use a bleach solution for sanitizing, Tulsa Water Damage Restoration professionals usually use professional products. There are a few green products that are extremely effective and very safe to use. Continually read the labels and guarantee you are wearing protective gear when mandatory. Tulsa Water Damage Restoration, we are here to help you.

Get the Air Circulating

Tulsa Water Damage Restoration specialists will help with getting your air moving. Bacterial and microbial growth can begin starting in 48–72 hours, but this be contingent on a number of factors such as temperature, moisture level and “food source” (paper, drywall, wood, etc.). If significant microbial growth develops, this can greatly surge remediation prices. That’s why it’s significant to start the drying process as soon as possible before Tulsa Water Damage Restoration company comes to help you.

While your box fans and dehumidifier can’t compete with the professional equipment that will soon occupy your home, they can certainly help. Place several fans throughout the affected area. This will help get the water granules into the air through evaporation. Running a dehumidifier will help remove this humidity from the air. Tulsa Water Damage Restoration


Tulsa Water Damage Restoration – While the build-back and rebuilding phase of your unintentional and unwanted remodeling project takes a skill level most of us don’t have, the demolition work can serve as a liberating money saver.Tulsa water damage restoration

If you’re so disposed, you can eliminate the affected building materials. Carpets and pads can be pulled and detached from the home. Affected baseboard and drywall can also be cut and removed by Tulsa Water Damage Restoration professionals if they sustained water damage. Be very cautious with tile that was there before you moved in; your home could have asbestos tiles that will necessitate specialized decrease. Usually, with this kind of loss, floor tiles should be detached since the water will surely have gotten underneath the tiles. Tulsa Water Damage Restoration

An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure

Take some humble steps just in case there is a next time. It’s likely this finds you as one of the lucky ones who escaped from the waters unharmed. Maybe you weren’t so fortunate, but the Tulsa mitigation company has come and gone, so insurance check in hand, you’ve started rebuilding. Regardless, you always face the possibility that this could happen again. Tulsa Water Damage Restoration is here to help the next time.

Spring Clean

Basements often become a last resting place of those things that don’t have another spot to go. Take the time at least once a year to go through your basement and get the old clothes and random clutter to the recycling bin. Should the time come, you’ll be glad the clutter is gone when Tulsa Water Damage Restoration has to come in.

Place Items Up High

Boxes and things on the floor can rapidly become frightening once the water starts to rise. Metal or plastic shelving elements are suggested. Solid wood shelves are fine and cleanable; nonetheless, plywood and particle board items are non-salvageable. Tulsa Water Damage Restoration – Getting substances off the floor will be an inexpensive solution to a forthcoming problem.

Use Plastic Storage Bins

If vertical space is a subject, reflect the use of plastic or rubber bins as a means of packing. They offer a cheap and clutter-free choice for the items you might need to store. It’s vital to acquisition secure tops for the bins in the event the water comes from pipes or appliances above. It’s best to keep your plastic bins on shelves a few feet off the ground in case you get sufficient flooding that they capsize and fill with water. Tulsa Water Damage Restoration

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