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If you have faced the issue of flood water in your home, you may know the consequences of waiting to contact a Tulsa Water Extraction team.  Whether it was an over-filled bathtub or faulty pipes, getting that water out of your house as quickly as possible is of the utmost importance.  

When water spreads throughout your home it presents an incredible risk to both your property and your health. Excessive moisture in your house for an extended period of time will increases the possibility of structural damage, along with encouraging microbial growth. 

Water will create problems when it’s not extracted in a timely manner.

When water removal is needed, contact a Tulsa water extraction professional to get the job done.  They will help identify the source of the water and correct the matter promptly and efficiently.  

Some sources of water pose a risk to your health.

It is essential to reach out for help from a Tulsa water extraction company when the water that floods your home originates from an unsanitary source. If this water contains contaminants and is left alone, it has the potential to spread a variety of illnesses.  Water carrying toxic substances, such as pesticides and other harmful materials, can jeopardize your health by coming into contact with you.  This could happen directly or indirectly through the fabric of your furniture.  An example of a likely dangerous water leakage would be water that has escaped from the inside of a toilet below its trap within the bowels.  In the case of an evident sewage leak, a Tulsa water extraction team will help you judge and determine whether or not the flood in your home is hazardous to your health.  

While some water leakage sources may initially be considered sanitary, their statuses are subject to change. 

Below is a list of some “clean” water sources: 

  • a flooded dishwasher
  • discharge from a washing machine
  • a broken aquarium
  • an overflowing toilet that does not contain human waste
  • burst water pipes
  • a roof leak spilling rainwater, snow, or melted ice

These examples of water flooding probably don’t contain any contaminants or additives. However, in the event that this water comes into contact with another substance its chemical components may change. This would put you and your family in harm’s way.  Avoiding this is a good reason to go ahead and contact a Tulsa water extraction company to handle the flooded water in your house, rather than procrastinating or attempting to resolve the issue alone.

Finding out exactly how water has intruded your home, and whether or not it is hazardous, is only the first step in the water extraction process. 

To better determine a course of action moving forward, a Tulsa water extraction team will need to measure the amount of water that has invaded your home. 

Figuring out how much water has flooded provides a necessary reference for the amount and type of equipment that will be used.

When not handled professionally, excessive moisture caused by water damage can increase the risk of mold growth over time.  Water not properly removed also creates negative side-effects on the material and structure inside your house.  Building materials like insulation, drywall, and carpet padding will absorb moisture in different ways. In some cases, the removal and replacement of these materials are needed in order to bring moisture levels back to their original state.Tulsa water extraction

As you can see, these factors often require bringing in a Tulsa water extraction expert. A Tulsa water extraction company will address the flood damage in your home with caution and care.  By reaching out for help, you can protect the value of your home as well as the health of your family. Click here to visit the website of Tulsa’s very own water restoration expert.

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